Family Recovery


Addiction is a family problem because it effects all members of the family as the addict reflects the pain of his addiction on his parents, his spouse, and his children.  The Family Recovery Process provides the opportunity for healing and reconciliation to take place in these families where there are addictions with the hope that the cycle of addiction will be broken.  Each married man in the Woodlands C.A.M.P. voluntarily enters into the Family Recovery Process.

After they have completed the first phase of the process, they are ready to move into the MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT CLASS and discover what it means to have a Christ-centered relationship.  This is a journey to a godly, satisfying marriage, though God’s teaching about Love and Respect by cracking the communication code between husband and wife.

The final phase of the Family Recovery Process is the MARRIAGE ISSUES CLASS. During this time, the couple prepares an exit plan, which gives them the best opportunity for success once they leave Woodlands. This plan covers such topics as finances and budgeting, accountability, step-families, household and parental responsibilities and the need to connect to a local body of believers to grow in Christ.