What We Believe

Woodlands_WhatWeBelieveWe believe that we find our identity only in the story of Redemption.  If our entire goal and direction of our lives are wrong, we need much more than a program that offers practical advice on how to do the right thing.  We believe that we need a Christ-centered program to overcome our natural human instinct to live for our own glory, pursue our own happiness, and instant gratification.  We have forgotten that our own lives are much bigger than this little moment of life.  We believe that through a Christ-centered program that we will reject the lies of autonomy and self-sufficiency and stop worshiping the creation rather than its Creator.

We believe that the men in the program must take ownership and responsibility for their actions.  We believe in a Regeneration Program instead of a rehabilitation program.   To simply bring a man back to his former state is ineffective; instead we need to bring about a mental regeneration  We believe that this is achieved, in part, through a Christ -centered program that gives the man a sense of identity, purpose, and direction and results in what he desires and the way he thinks, speaks, and acts.