Daily Life

The men in the Woodlands Program do cleaning, repairing, gardening, cooking, and the like.  The residents occasionally go off campus to perform community service.  Work projects at the Woodlands can include construction, small engine repair, food service, pressure washing, and thrift store operation.  Most men come to the Woodlands desperately in need of two things: discipline and focus.  Residents learn discipline and teamwork by getting up early, eating together, attending meetings together, working together, and recovering together in a highly structured, rigorous, occasionally even confrontational environment.  The CAMP is based on tough love, spirituality, and one recovering man helping another….and it works.

Every man in the program is assigned a work task for approximately four hours each day according to his physical ability and skills.  The purpose of the work task is to learn good work ethics, apply relational skills and develop teamwork in a closely supervised environment.